Finding Extra Spending Money for Your Vacation

Going away on vacation isn’t cheap. Even a weekend getaway can set you back several hundred bucks. That’s why most…

Going away on vacation isn’t cheap. Even a weekend getaway can set you back several hundred bucks. That’s why most people save for their vacations throughout the year (or limit the number of times they travel). Yet, even after paying for the plane tickets, hotel, and rental car, you still need some cash to have a good time. From paying for food and drinks to going shopping and participating in activities, there’s a lot you need cash for.

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If you’re concerned about having enough spending money for your trip, then consider using these suggestions below to put a little extra cash in your pocket.

Short-Term Loan

If you need an extra $200 – $1200 for vacation spending money you can always apply for online installment loans. These are short-term loans offered to individuals who need access to quick cash. There are few requirements and it only takes about a business day to receive funds to your account after being approved. Then, you can set up reasonable installments to pay the loan back in full.

Take a Bag Lunch

In the weeks leading up to your vacation, you need to cut back as much as you can. One area you can quickly save a few bucks on is lunch. Instead of going out to eat every day, bring your lunch to work. The money you would have spent on lunch can then be tucked away for your trip.

Use Your Credit Card

Credit cards are convenient for travel. It eliminates the need to carry around cash or to convert your money if you’re traveling internationally. So, if you have a credit card in good standing with a decent limit, you can use this to cover your expenditures during your vacation. Just be sure to try and pay the balance back down before it ends up costing you more in interest than it needs to.

Take on a Side Gig

A quick way to earn some extra spending money for your vacation is to take on a side job or two. If you have any skills or jobs you don’t mind completing in the upcoming weeks, start advertising your services. Whether you walk dogs in the neighborhood, babysit, join a rideshare company, clean carpets, or help someone move, you can get cash in hand the same day so you can save it for your trip.

Vacation Savings

Another way to increase the amount of spending money for your vacation is to make sure that you’ve taken advantage of all the opportunities to save during the planning stages. The more you save on these things the more money you have leftover. Do comparison shopping to find affordable hotels and plane tickets. Look for coupons for discounts on dining and entertainment. Lastly, take advantage of all the free activities you can try while you’re away.

You’ve saved and patiently waited long enough to go on your vacation. Now that the time is coming near, don’t let something like limited spending money stress you out. Instead, start using the above-mentioned solutions to boost your vacation budget.