How Can I Get Ready For The HGV Driver Training Licence?

If you desire to be a certified HGV driver, then it is highly likely that you have been seeking for…

If you desire to be a certified HGV driver, then it is highly likely that you have been seeking for a reputable instruction school and exploring what you require to attain an HGV driver training licence. When researching you might have realised that there is a lot to learn and there is a myriad of different trials you require to pass before you receive your Class 2 licence or Driver CPC. Though there are many sections concerned, testing is divided into 2 components, theory and practical. We have conducted an extensive and deep dive into the theory component in the past, so today we decided to discuss some of our best tips for excelling in a practical test.

Refresh on the Basics

Certainly, you need to remember so much when driving an HGV, leave alone when you are attempting an HGV licence examination. Throughout your training program, you will be taught all fundamentals from the ground up – and they will be repeated so many times that they become habits that you form. But just like any habit you acquire, you can get complacent and your skills wear off, so it is always important to refresh your basic skills, such as adjusting your mirrors and inspecting your controls before starting driving. These may seem to be tiny details but they can leave a huge impression on your assessor during the test.

Get a Rest

No one can achieve their best performance when they are flustered, tired or angry. As you prepare for your HGV driver trial, your physical well-being is just as significant as your mental state, so ensure it is catered for. Strive for a healthy diet and plan a routine workout so that you are in the best physical shape. Also, aim for a series of good nights of sleep before the test to ensure that you are completely fresh and ready for the test.

Wear Comfortable Clothes

Comfort is crucial in excelling at any test, especially a driving trial. If uncomfortable clothes are distracting you, your performance will be negatively affected. In the training process, it will be explained to you which is the appropriate wear for a driver, those are the clothes you should wear during the assessment. Your tester will be okay, as long as they are clean and comfortable!

Avoid Distractions

Distractions are dangerous and cause fatalities on the road, they are a hindrance when you are trying to concentrate on your trial. Switch off your phone and leave it behind. Do the same for any other gadget or tool that can distract your attention. By doing this, you will stay focused on the task ahead and give your best.

Preparation Is Key

The HGV licence test is easy to pass if you are prepared, just like all other tests in different areas of life. So polish up your knowledge of the highway code, go through everything that is required to excel and achieve as much practice as possible. Practice in what you will be required to do, and take a few rounds in your testing location so you are familiar with what to expect. If you are properly prepared for the test, you are less prone to become nervous and have a higher chance of success.

Practice Your Manoeuvres

And lastly, practice challenging manoeuvres repeatedly until you become an expert. During your training, you will have been drilled repeatedly on undertaking manoeuvres, but it is crucial to practise until you become completely confident. Your reversing, parking and accelerating skills will be tested, so ensure that you practice enough in various conditions so that you can achieve top-level performance.